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Nextera approach

Our approach involves targeting receptors at initiation of the immunological cascade.

Thus, a very high degree of disease specificity may be achieved translating into increased therapeutic efficacy concomitantly with less off-target side effects


Nextera AS is a drug discovery company offering a unique and novel approach for improved therapeutic intervention of major disease classes, such as autoimmune diseases, chronic infections and cancer. Our approach is to arrest, or manipulate, the disease at the very core of the escalating immune cascade by identifying and subsequently targeting the principal causative agent.

The company’s R&D is based on a proprietary phage display technology spun out from the University of Oslo, whereby a key innovative element is our unique Phagemer technology enabling antigen-specific CD4+ T cell detection and epitope discovery of HLA class II associated antigens.  Nextera will use the Phagemer technology to identify unknown disease causing antigens, and further utilize this knowledge to develop new and highly targeted drugs. The result envisioned is a better effect for the patient with less side effects due to lack of off-target reactivity. The preclinical and clinical development of these new drugs is foreseen developed by a partner, i.e. a larger pharmaceutical company


Nextera have an ongoing project in cancer were the primary goal is to develop a novel drug candidate for treatment of Leukemia. Upon cancer cell binding, the drug candidate will kill cancer cells in a highly specific manner. The expected effect will be durable remission of disease with minimal side effects. The project is a collaborative effort between Nextera and the University of Oslo (UIO) and Oslo University Hospital (OUS). 

The technology may also find use in e.g. diagnosis, where the most relevant applications are considered to be patient stratification as well as monitoring vaccine effects. However, the Phagemer technology will also work as a companion diagnostic tool for pharmaceuticals addressing new Nextera identified targets. 

Nextera has an active and dynamic IPR policy and our core technology is well protected through a proprietary IPR portfolio.